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About Parga

Amphitheatrically set on the outskirts of the Venetian castle, the picturesque and cosmopolitan town of Parga offers majestic panoramic views to the Ionian Sea. Conveniently positioned between the cities of Preveza and Igoumenitsa this beautiful town enjoys the embrace of the mountainous countryside and the verdant surroundings. The Italian influence is evident in many forms of architecture while many strong traditional elements have been reserved through time. The narrow paved alleys, the scenic neighbourhoods, the lively character and idyllic landscape evoke a calm and friendly atmosphere. 

Situated on the mouth of Acheron river on the southwest of Epirus against the beautiful islands of Paxi and Antipaxi this charming town invites visitors to experience its rich history and natural beauty as well as the lively feel and heart-warming enthusiasm of the locals. Some of the places worth visiting are the islet of Panagia, the traditional "kantounia", the mythical Acheron river and Necromancy dating back to the Homeric age along with the stunningly beautiful beaches of the region and the many historical sites and attractions.

Parga Attractions

Parga is a favorable destination for relaxing or exciting vacations, for romantic, family or alternative holidays with many entertainment choices and a great range of attractions. Some of the region’s main attractions are listed below:
Parga’s Castle is situated on the edge of a hill, right at the entrance of the town’s port and can be reached through the narrow alleys and the steps coming from the port.

The Islet of Virgin Mary
This verdant islet is situated right in front of Parga’s port, in a very close distance that can even be covered by swimming. The name of the islet derives from the scenic chapel of Virgin Mary with its characteristic bell tower. At the highest point of the islet one can see the beautiful French castle that was built by the French conquerors in 1808 during their inhabitancy (1797- 1814).

Ali Pasha’s Castle
The Castle of Ali Pasha is located on a hill between the villages of Anthousa and Agia, 5 km north of Parga. It is a colossal and imposing building that was constructed in 1814 under the supervision of the Italian engineer Monteleone. The site offers a spectacular view to the Ionian Islands and it is advised to be visited with the little train embarking from Parga’s beach so as to enjoy a truly fabulous journey. The Castle is illuminated at night offering a remarkable sight.

The Monastery of Saint Vlacherna
It is a Byzantine monastery dating back to the 12th century that is set in a beautiful location, on a hill in the area of Valtos in Parga. 

Zaloggos is an imposing, 18 meters long and 13 meters tall monument portraying 6 abstract body forms of the “Souliotisses” women holding hands, a symbol of love for freedom. The monument was built in 1961. 

Paxi – Antipaxi
The islands of Paxi and Antipaxi can be reached from Parga with one of the many boats that embark on daily excursions. According to the myth this island complex was formed after Poseidon severed the tip of Corfu with a mighty throw of his trident so as to create an idyllic retreat for him and his beloved Amphitrite. 

Adam’s hotel is situated in close proximity to some marvelous sightseeing sites that are certainly worth visiting as listed below:

Notable Attractions near Adam’s hotel:

  • The castle at the borders of Anthousa-Agia
  • The sources of Acherontas
  • The hydro biotope of Amvrakikos Gulf
  • Zalogo and the ruins of Kassopi
  • The Museum of Greek history P. Vrelli (Ioannina)
  • The cave of Perama (Ioannina)
  • The villages of Zagori (Ioannina)
  • The castle of Ioannina

Remarkable sights in the greater area of Parga:

  • The historic, Venetian castle of the city
  • The ecclesiastic Museum, at the centre of the city
  • The church of Saint Nikolaos, the patron saint of the city
  • The Monastery of Saint Vlachernas

Parga Beaches

Parga and the greater area of Epirus are blessed with some of the finest beaches in northwestern Greece offering a choice for all sorts of travelers seeking either a quiet getaway or a cosmopolitan seaside retreat with water sports, cafes and taverns.

Beaches close to the hotel:

  • Krioneri is the main beach of Parga, situated1km from Adam’s hotel. Easily reachable even on foot it attracts many tourists during the summer due to its deep crystalline waters and its many facilities such as traditional taverns and shops. Right in front of the beach the islet of Virgin Mary adorns the setting.
  • Piso Krioneri beach is well protected from the winds and offers a quieter escape during the summer months. It is conveniently situated approximately 1 km from the hotel.
  • Lichnos is one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Epirus embraced by olive trees. Lichnos beach is fully equipped with many facilities and offers a great variety of watersports activities including diving, scuba diving, jet skiing, surfing and snorkeling as well as a fine selection of cafes and taverns. Situated only 3km away from Adam’s hotel the beach provides an ideal choice for a day in the sun or for refreshing swims in its tranquil waters.
  • Valtos beach is also known as the jewel of Parga because of its pure natural beauty, its glossy sand and crystal waters. Fully organized, this spectacular beach offers a great range of water sports as well as easy access. It is a summer hotspot chosen for its long stretches of sand and sparkling waters only 5 km from Adam’s hotel.

Best beaches of the area:

  • Sarakiniko is a picturesque beach with olive trees 12 km away from Parga that keeps its slow pace even during the high summer season. Visitors can partake in many activities including swimming, fishing, canoeing, diving and snorkeling or visit the Greek taverns nearby.
  • Ai Giannakis is a white pebbled beach with deep waters and a rocky seabed surrounded by rocky mountains. It is set only 6 km from Parga and it is ideal for sunbathing and swimming.
  • Loutsa is part of the coastline stretching for about 50 miles and offers free sunbeds and umbrellas, numerous watersports facilities as well as taverns, cafes and bars for those seeking for a refreshing escape from the sun.
  • Alonaki of Fanari and Ammoudia are lovely beaches ideal for free camping or a quiet escape from the crowds.
  • Kerentza is a scenic creek near the beach of Alonaki with swallow waters perfect for all ages of bathers.
  • Ai Sostis doesn’t offer an easy access but it’s a beautiful remote beach ideal for snorkeling, swimming and sunbathing.